Video Recording Requirements:

  • Only video recorded tests will be accepted. Audio only assessments will not be accepted.
  • The recording must be one complete uninterrupted performance of the assessment. Do not stop and start over within a recording. If you need to start over, restart the recording. Edited/pasted audio/video will not be accepted.
  • All Players: Make sure that the recording device is not too close to the instrument. Doing so may cause the recording device to peak, distorting the quality of the audio. It’s a good idea to test the position of the recording device, play a small sample, and check the quality of the audio prior to recording the playing assessment.
  • Percussion: Percussion must submit video recordings. Ensure that sticking is clearly visible in the recording.
  • Send video recording file to Mr. Leslie’s through google classroom.

for instructions on how to sign up for google classroom, click here

Upload Instructions

  • Log onto google classroom
  • Click on your music class
  • Select the assessment you wish to complete
  • Select add, then select file
  • Touch “select files from your computer”
    • If you are recording your assessment video on a computer, you must pre-record your video, save it onto your computer, and find the video file to upload.
    • If you are using a phone or tablet, you may either record a video assessment at this point by touching “take photo or video” OR you may upload a previously recorded video by touching “photo library”
  • Touch upload
  • Touch submit
  • Touch turn in

click here to submit a performance assessment on google classroom