This page is for the family members of the Department of Instrumental Music. Please check back as this page will be updated regularly.  For concert dates and other information, please select the calendar menu from the navigation bar above.

Whether you have experience in music or not, we can always use your help in the music wing! Please contact Mr. Leslie ( if you would like more information on the various volunteer opportunities within the Department of Instrumental Music.

Parent support is the KEY! Middle school band and orchestra is a family journey!

  1. Help your child schedule a regular practice routine:
    1. 20-30 minutes of home practice time each day (2-3 intervals 10 minute intervals at first)
    2. Provide a distraction-free practice room with a music stand, metronome/tuner, and a chair
    3. Monitor practice and sign practice calendars
  2. Success begins with a good quality instrument and having all of the necessary accessories (Mr. Leslie is here to help!)
  3. Be positive! The first sounds can be painful for family members and house pets. With consistent practice, the pain is only temporary!
  4. Lend yourself as an audience member, even if you know little about music.
  5. Call, email, or come and talk to Mr. Leslie if your child need extra help.
  6. Provide motivation! (attend concerts, provide recordings, posters, additional music, etc.)
  7. Private lesson can make a huge difference! Private lesson teachers or advanced high school students are available to help. (contact Mr. Leslie for information on finding a private music instructor)
  8. Make sure your child comes to school, rehearsals, and performances on time.